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Funny YouTube comments

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Might be a short thread, but anyway... 

I was just watching '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton on Youtube and browsing the comments. Mainly whinging about how today it would be called '6 to 6' and still not being able to afford anything. 

Then one comment says:

'Dolly Parton could write the communist manifesto, but Karl Marx couldn't write 9 to 5' and I spat my coffee all over my monitorxD

I don't know why, reading it back its not even that funny. 

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Dashcam video. You see the rear view dashcam of what I think was a learner car, up behind at some speed approaches a Fiesta van with a large bloke driving it. Impatient fatty toots at the learner for waiting at the junction a little to long than needed. 

One of the comments was sarcastic genius, something along the lines of: "Of course he was annoyed. That little Fiesta was struggling under the vast weight of the driver that any forward momentum was lost".

It was worded better than that but I found it hilarious due to its subtle sarcasm. 

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