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I was taken to church when young and this church doesn't take you off their official records unless you specifically ask. 

And this church is extremely good at their paperwork.

Think I may have my get out clause.

I doubt this church specifically has a major issue with the "vaccine" but there will be something in there I can use. 

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9 minutes ago, M S E Refugee said:

Make your employer sign a legal document where by they take responsibility for any injury caused by the Vaccine.

It's only fair.

It certainly seems, at present, like a one way street. Your employer can (they think) force you to have a vaccine.  Love to see the after effects when some are debilitated or even killed by said vaccine. Employers would be sued be each and every one. 

oh, and what’s happened to human rights?  Don’t we have them now? 

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I know not so long ago there was a test case with a Vegan claiming it was a belief system not a lifestyle option, can't remember if it was ruled as the former; think it was. If so, this is the 'get out clause'...although you will have some explaining to do at the yearly company barbie as you tuck into the 'Ribs n chicken' :-)

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2 hours ago, stokiescum said:

There will be uproar if it goes away .uproar I tell you.they have been panicking about looseing the extra cash since before Xmas .it’s not even stoped until April .


You kindly give a bunch of folk 1000 quid paid at 20/week because lifes shit - not because the measures give them any extra cost.

Then at the end of the year they all whinge about a "benefit cut" like the [extra] dosh is their right.

@Labour How is this a cut and not a temporary extra payment?

@Tories Learn the lesson for next time.

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9 hours ago, ElKapitan84 said:


Smart way to handle this at least in UK is photoshop a valid certificate.

GDPR ==> HR have no way to verify certificate. And probably have no plan to so won't try unless you go shouting about it.  Anyway what law would you break providing such a document which company had no right to demand.

Of course having photoshopped one document ....

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Just now, stokiescum said:

For a couple it’s 160 I presume that’s going to be a big drop in income

It’s not really what I’d call a pay rise though. My experience of what I’d call a pay rise is from......errrr, working in a job.

I don’t blame single women though for choosing to having a kid or kids and claiming benefits because it provides more income than a low paid job. If they’re lucky they get a decent father for their offspring but if not they can survive.....well, until the kids are no longer eligible for top up in benefits.

Not a dig at you stokie because you haven’t chose that lifestyle you’re doing what you have to do to look after close family and putting your plans on hold.

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On 24/01/2021 at 12:06, lid said:

I firmly believe the virus is real and killing folk of all ages, I'm also convinced that doesn't justify the response that has crippled western world and destroyed lives and whole economies.

Until I find an explanation that passes the "sniff test" I'm willing to look at any theory that can put the pieces together and sound plausible. At first glance this one makes sense of many things that have been concerning me. Thanks for posting (consipracy source or not) ;) 

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On 24/01/2021 at 13:06, lid said:

Some interesting points, but some complete howlers as well. E.g. claiming that the Starlink communication network is part of a global population tracking system. Well, as the antennas that connect to the satellites are the size of a pizza, I don't see many people walking about with pizzas on their heads...

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