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Fresh start: what’s the best fresh start you have ever had?

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9 minutes ago, MrPin said:

I'm not sure whether fasting for 3 weeks is any good for you.

From someone who as done it @MrPin It has had massive positive impact for me on:


Gut health

Bone/back spinal damage 

Aches and pains

Mental health 

I haven’t seen any downsides tbh.

Dont get me wrong I wouldn’t do it if I was underweight to begin with or had underlying conditions.

Try it @MrPinor at least do some research into ‘Autophagy’ YouTube it. 

Biggest risk which is easily controlled is re-feeding. I suppose one could become anorexic - but that’s ‘up to the person’ in a way. 

I think most people dismiss it as they don’t have the will power to do it and can’t get past day 5. Get past day 5 and most people would easily manage it if they wanted to. 

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18 minutes ago, MrPin said:

Bobby Sands didn't like it @Vendetta.

Anyway, I've always had a bit of the "Belsen chic". And I like food.

Bobby Sands:

66 days

Took no electrolytes or vitamins (eg Vit D or Berroca).

Lacked fluid 

Was significantly underweight and in poor health when he started. 

Did it in a prison as an intentional (‘kill myself’) hunger strike.

It is not really comparable to a ‘controlled healthy water fast’ with electrolytes and vitamins and plenty of fluid - below 30 days for someone who needs to lose 2-3 stone - let’s be honest @MrPin...?  

Look up Autophagy...on YouTube. 

Edited by Vendetta
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3 minutes ago, MrPin said:

I don't want to lose 3 Stone. It might not be wise.

Then don’t lose 3 stone. That would probably mean a 30-40 day fast for you. Try a 10 day fast or less instead.  (less than a stone would be lost).

Anyway I’ll leave you with this..,,,,

Lose 3 minutes of your life then instead with this first step into discovering ‘Autophagy’ ....... where you take it from there as they say.....is up to you.....


Fasting accelerates Autophagy significantly. 


Edited by Vendetta
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1 hour ago, Vendetta said:

I decided to make 2021 my best year ever - both physically and mentally. The lockdown can be a bit of a drag and I just needed to look at the positives and make it work to my advantage. 

I’ve hit 45 years old - and it’s either downhill or uphill from here. I posted this on the ‘Health and Fitness’ thread but it might have more ‘mass appeal’ here. I’ve had two years of inactivity due to a serious go-kart accident that damaged my spine. Cracked a disc and all the jelly oozed out and fucked over my sciatic nerve. (Herniated disc in simple terms). All the damage and jelly and waste has nearly gone now.

Anyone else decided “right that’s it - I need to get my ‘shit together’ ? “

What is the best fresh start you’ve had? I am pretty pleased with my 23 day fast since NY Eve:

I have finally completed a ‘23 day water fast’.

Yesterday evening I had my first food (calories) in 23 days. I had not consumed any calories since New Years Eve.

I have lost 2st 3lbs in the 23 days and feel immense. 

Today as a result I have been able to do my first run (albeit only 1.5 miles) in nearly 2 years. My 23 day fast (and the resultant ‘Autophagy’) cured my pain. 

I am pretty sure I have totally (permanently) cured my hugely dehabilitating  ‘broken spine / herniated disc’, by myself after 2 years, which the doctors had just treated with huge amounts of prescription painkilling drugs.

I am now free of drugs,  and have zero pain now - after my run. I’ll be doing sub 20mins for 5km by September (I hope!).



I also went to the beach today and had what can only be described as a ‘spiritual experience’. I feel pretty damn good !


What a day. One of the best in my 45 years. 

I am so grateful to be able to have this life. Happy days! 

My final change and fresh start might be to try and stop posting on here and give up this website. The only ‘social media’ I use. It’s getting a bit too much. I might try and reduce my posting drastically soon.


We will miss you, though.

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47 minutes ago, Sucralose Ray Leonard said:


1. Were you responsible for looking after Children?

2. Have to drive at any point?

3. Were you sure thay you did not have any underlying health conditions before starting?


1. Yes - got two children 13 and 11. 

2. Yes - drive to work everyday. Started back to work 4 or 5 days into fast and have pretty much worked 0830-1630 everyday - no bother. (Excepting weekends of course).

Once you get past day 5 I was on ‘easy street’. Could have kept going forever without much effort.

Day 2-5 absolute torture - coming off ‘smack’ (sugar). Headaches, extreme tiredness, flu like symptoms etc etc. After that the opposite - elevated energy, sharp mind, positivity....

3. No relevant conditions that might cause a problem eg cancer, BP, heart, diabetes, etc.

My back obviously has been fucked for 2 years - but not a risk factor in fasting. Also my guts have ‘not been the best for a while - but that’s diet driven - high sugar, lots of real ale, booze, and all the other processes shit I’ve been eating since the summer. Another driver for my fast. 

*Disclosure - I did a 21 day fast last January 2020 just before the pandemic. See “Long fasts thread”. I had a full doctors blood test check and ‘well man health check” on day 20 last time - and my bloods and all other parameters were A1 - and it was also then that I realised the miraculous effect the Autophagy had on my back. Doctor refused to believe I had not eaten for 20 days. Idiot.  

It didn’t cure my back then ‘perfectly’,  but the effect was still nothing short of miraculous on the pain I was suffering.

The first 2020 fast and resultant Autophagy allowed me to reduce the painkillers. 

On a 100 point scale at the time after first fast :

Pain reduced from say 80 (daily constant piercing pain) to 30 (occasional intermittent pain more of a dull ache). After this 2021 fast it has reduced pain from 30 to negligible.

Hence why I started running for the first time in 2 years and am about to go in garage and do some pull ups and bench presses etc. 

Edited by Vendetta
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8 minutes ago, choochoo said:

Do you have loads of flappy skin from losing that much weight so quickly?


2-3 stone in 2-3 weeks is neither here nor there when you are 6’4”. If one was  5ft 2” then it would be a problem I reckon. 

I have not / would not ever let myself go over 17st - and that’s one of the reasons. You start to really do ‘potentially’ long term damage to physical health including skin elasticity...... by becoming a fat bastard. I’ve never been fat..... just ‘solid’. 17st is ‘too solid’ for me even at 6’4” - you can easily carry it. (Too easily!) . 

Edited by Vendetta
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