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Would you buy a dosbods calendar?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you buy a 2018 dosbods calendar?

    • Yes if £5
    • Yes if £10
    • Yes if £15
    • No
    • No, no way
    • No, of course not
    • No, fuck off!
    • No, unless miss s changes hers to an uncropped image

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So, it got moved to the stealth forum.....

I can reveal to you the following information :

All twelve months in the dosbods calendar now have a face... *

One big name has revealed him/herself...

More has been revealed but you will need to wait until your gain access to find out what!


* apart from @Miss S anyway, she's headless in the photo she posted.

Edited by Carl Fimble
what not more

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I think you're getting carried away Carl. I mean, Economic Exile looked nice sat in her garden and all, but who wants a picture of XYY or The Major staring at them every day? No offense gents...

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I've voted no. But I don't ever buy calendars.

I'm with DTMark....who wants to sit at their desk and look at me every day for a month. Some might if it was free. If anyone wants to pay I'll set up a just giving page xD


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