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Silver is the next big WSB bet - Begins next week 1st Feb 2021 @ $25

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Mom I made my very first meme!

Today's silver spot price as at 19:32 is £19.873/oz. In a moment of curiosity I looked at Bullion by Post tonight. The cheapest available 2020 1oz silver Britannia is £48.72. Next is is a 20

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Being totally honest, although I could get some pretty mad gainz from all of this craziness, I'd much rather the silver market plodded along slowly for a few years before any potential parabolic rises. I'm invested quite heavily in this metal (mainly through our Ltd Co) and it's all quite unsettling. I'm not ready yet!!

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I'm long silver / gold for a lot of reasons, but did take some profits in the summer run-up. Have re-invested those now.

I've bought some Merian Gold & Silver to add to holdings I already have in FRES, GDGB, GJGB.

I personally don't think WSB can really orchestrate a PM bull on their own, but it can't hurt to have some extra exposure just in case they do. That said, I'm very happy to be overweight in PMs in my portfolio in general.

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The cats out of the bag, if you going to take a punt then now is the time. Although I very much doubt this will be anywhere near as effective as the Gamestop play, if at all. Still, if enough people get on board off the back of WSB....

I'm taking a punt on Fresnillio.

Not advice or ramping, this is purely taking a punt!

Joe - Trading212 might suit you. Fractional shares and no commission are handy if dealing in low numbers.


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6 minutes ago, Noallegiance said:

Fuck it.

I've just stuck a bullseye on Fortuna, Hecla and First Majestic.

Now I am sitting on my sofa with a G&T waiting for 14:30!

I've just bought 49 first majestic. I shall be round to see you if they now tank.....🤪

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Big struggle getting in spot silver through IG at 2.30PM.

Took about three minutes to get me in, 50 odd red error messages, call us up. Which to me is the best indication that I'm buying the right thing.

Could be talking several hundreds of dollars here in the current insane market conditions.

Also the downside risk isn't really that bad. Maybe it halves to 13 again? Maybe. With WSB and the world watching it's unlikely. This is an insanely asymmetrical bet for my money. 

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