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Dave Bloke

Mr Macron went to Europe

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French President Macron is a committed Europhobe but after this week, maybe not so much.

In a Cameronesque tour he wants to reform Europe. His bugbear are detached workers which he claims are leading to a "race to the bottom" in employment law. Surely, he says, the Polish worker should welcome French employment rights, not be forced to work like a Pole in France?

Confident in his abilities of persuasion he has embarked on a European tour to convince other heads of states of his argument... and had headed into a major diplomatic row with the Police Prime Minister, who has accused Macron of being "arrogant" and "inexperienced". Macron has responded that Poland has made yet "another error" and finds itself "on the margins of Europe". France is hoping that the Polish "civil society" will kick the current government out at some point.

This is "Jupiter's" -as Macron is nicknamed (god of gods) second set back after Merkel refused the idea of a fiscal alignment between France and Germany.

Macron has until October to convince his European partners.

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9 hours ago, One percent said:

The bloke does have a very strong whiff of toony Bliar about him doesn't he 

Nah. Hes more limp wrusted degaulle.

Still watching Macron. Some of his ideas are v un EU.

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10 hours ago, onlyme said:



He is value for money though apparently:


His predecessor, the Socialist François Hollande, was accused of “shampoo socialism” after reportedly forking out €30,000 for makeup, topped off with a monthly €9,895 bill for a personal barber to cut and dry his thinning hair, according to the satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchainé. The Elysée justified the cost by saying the hairdresser had to “get up early and fix the president’s hair every morning … and as many times during the day as necessary”.

How anyone could spend £9,000 a month on haircuts is quite amazing.  He should have gone the DOSBODS route and took a razor to his thinning locks and his razor bill would have been considerably lower.

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