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They're not going to treat us as we have treated them

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6 minutes ago, MrPin said:

I have no idea. I don't really "follow" him on twit-book.

I would be sad if you did follow a racist, genocidal dictator on twit-book. But you can't, because he's dead.



Mugabe called for the overthrow of Rhodesia's predominately white government, the execution of Smith and his "criminal gang", the expropriation of white-owned land, and the transformation of Rhodesia into a one-party Marxist state.[126] He repeatedly called for violence against the country's white minority,[127] referring to white Rhodesians as "blood-sucking exploiters", "sadistic killers", and "hard-core racists".[115] In one typical example, taken from a 1978 radio address, Mugabe declared: "Let us hammer [the white man] to defeat. Let us blow up his citadel. Let us give him no time to rest. Let us chase him in every corner. Let us rid our home of this settler vermin".


Writing for the Human Rights Quarterly, Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann claimed that there was "clear evidence that Mugabe was guilty of crimes against humanity".[510] In 2009, Gregory Stanton, then President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, and Helen Fein, then Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Genocide, published a letter in The New York Times stating that there was sufficient evidence of crimes against humanity to bring Mugabe to trial in front of the International Criminal Court.[511] Australia and New Zealand had previously called for this in 2005,[511] and a number of Zimbabwean NGOs did so in 2006.[511]

A 2005 article from the New American titled "Democide in Zimbabwe" says that Mugabe reduced the population of Zimbabwe by millions in just a few years.[512]


John Sentamu, the Uganda-born Archbishop of York in the United Kingdom, called Mugabe "the worst kind of racist dictator", for having "targeted the whites for their apparent riches".


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3 hours ago, apples said:

Until it all goes wrong.


To update this:

"Zimbabwe invites exiled white farmers to return"


They have been offered 99 year leases. I hope that they all take them and leave the land barren for at least another generation.

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this guy was right about cpt tom clapping, though suffering from oppression himself


Bishop of London launches probe into woke warrior clergyman who called Clap for Capt Tom a 'white British nationalist cult' as thousands sign petition to remove him and it emerges he called PM an 'oppressor' and blasted 'ignorant' white Christian men

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