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Adeno virus


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43 minutes ago, sarahbell said:



Why have one adeno virus when you can use two?


Because each adenovirus injection invokes an immune response to that particular adenovirus, which then significantly lessens the ability of successive adenovirus injections of that particular adenovirus vector to do its job.  

  • If you use two different adenoviruses for primary and booster you get around this problem.
  • But no-one seems to be talking about the impact of this affect on 'annual booster jabs' -- does Dr John talk about it in that video (I've not listened to it all). 
  • I think this is an obvious question to ask, but for some reason everyone is merrily lapping up 'annual jab, just like for flu' without further analysis.
  • You also 'use up' another potential tool for medicine to use for actually deadly diseases and other medical conditions (eg, adenovirus vectored therapy has been proposed to treat certain cancers).

[There are lots of potential viral vectors for therapy, but not all are equally 'easy' or 'good').

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