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    • By TheBlueCat
      I lived in a large block in New York once and I had someone accidentally walk into my apartment (easily done as all the floors and lobbies looked the same). It took precisely 5 seconds for the woman in question, when she saw me in the entrance hallway, to realize what had happened, apologize profusely and head back out of the door. How do you get from that situation to shooting someone dead?!
    • By The Masked Tulip
      A teenage male was killed and a woman in her 40's was injured with a parcel bomb earlier this morning.
      Few hours later another explosion injured people elsewhere in the city. A woman in her 70's has potentially life-threatening injuries.
      Seems that packages were left on their doorsteps.
    • By The Masked Tulip
      There was an item on that Tucker Carlson programme a few nights ago where a guest suggested that there is evidence in the US that some migrant run companies to the US are only employing other migrants to the US.
      It was during a discussion about low wages in the US and how one of the arguments by the Democrats / Left for open borders in the US is that Americans do not wish to do the low paid low skilled jobs. It was argued that, in the real America, vast numbers of ordinary Americans are doing low-skilled, low-paid jobs but that they are increasingly being pushed out of them by the endless numbers of migrants to the US.
      The Democrats / Left arguging that they need migrants because no American wants to do the jobs due to the low pay. The reality being that plenty of Americans do those jobs but are increasingly being driven out of them by migrants. You could certainly say that we have experienced similar here in the UK.
      I have theorised on here, and over on TOS, for some time that once we get sufficient numbers of people of migrant backgrounds in places like the Passport Office, the So-Called BBC, social housing, Councils, etc, that plenty of them will simply favour people of their own migrant and/or ethnic background peoples over the indigenous British. In other words, they will not share the same virtue signalling or guilt that so many indigenous British people do.
      So it is with interest that I see this - below - over on the Daily Mail. You do have to wonder how much of this kind of thing is going on and whether it is already occuring below the radar with sosome of the above-mentioned organisations.
      Lorry driver is 'completely shocked' when he is turned down for UK interview for job just eight miles from his house 'because he is British' 
      I am oft reminded of the line in Star Trek: Voyager when Captain Janeway decides to help the evil Borg to defeat a mutual enemy. Seven of Nine, a former Borg herself so who better to know the mindset of the Collective Hive Mind, refuses to help her by pointing out:
      "Your compassion will be your undoing."
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