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King Penda

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King Penda

Oh dear it’s on the news that the jab hubs in Hackney and other enriched areas of londinistan are shutting early . They are demanding that black scientists should be more involved with sage and on tv.must admit this has made me smile 😀 

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It always amazes me the massive massive double standards in the race hating industry.

Me, a white person, says I cannot relate to black role models = massive racist

Them, a black person, says they need black role models = absolutely sensible

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Austin Allegro

I wonder whether the PC stuff about race and disability will gradually be put into the memory hole.

If Bammies are refusing the jab, and spazzies don't need to wear masks, they could easily be turned into the new pariahs.

If you're bammie and spazzie, which used to be the dream ticket for BBC presenting jobs, the outlook's not good.

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