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Litterally hissterical furrmidable purrsuasive lawyer defends purrpertrator in pawful catastrophe on cat (zoom) call......

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40 minutes ago, Panther said:

I'm pretty sure I once worked at the same place as an American called Randy Savage, but over time I've come to doubt it.

There was a chain of "gentleman's outfitters in the US called "Randy Ponce"!

Maybe Americans found "Dunns" hilarious?O.o

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    • By Carl Fimble
      Just finished watching, well listening to this :
      Dangerfield (and Daughter of Albion, though her beautiful voice isn't heard much in this video) interviews Gavin Boby, a British lawyer who has been working away blocking mosque applications all over the olace. 
      It's seriously white pilling, possibly overly so.
      I thoroughly recommend giving it a listen.
      I searched dosbods for his name and not a single instance appeared, shameful really considering what he has done. I had only really heard of him before watching the video above, gonna check out more of his interviews though now.
      He more than deserves his own thread. 
      The video is a bit depressing sounding at first, as he details the harm caused to local residents when a mosque is built in their area, it rapidly turns positive though. 
      He was not e-begging at all, though toward the end Dangerfield puts his Patreon URL up on screen, I'll add it here, and suggest any rich (or just not skint) folk throw him some pennies, listen to him speak and look at what he's achieved if you're in any doubt as to why he deserves it.
      Here's his Patreon page here ;
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