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Do robots not dream of ticking boxes

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Image result for robot cartoon would you mind ticking this box for me

I always assumed that there was a time-delay being measured, or some other metric involved. 

I was going to say that there's nothing worse than being rejected by a piece of software that says, "I don't believe you!" immediately after you confirm, "I am not a robot"...

...but then I thought, "No, there are plenty of worse things out there!"

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20 hours ago, sarahbell said:

C'mon, can robots really not recognise a tick if you're not a robot?

If your location is suspicious or you make too many requests, you get a proper "select all images with traffic lights" captcha. If they're really suspicious or you keep getting it wrong, you get the old style scrambled words.

Protip: you don't have to be blind to use the audio ones instead. I find them easier than deciding which squares actually contain part of a traffic light. I also like to think that G**gle can't use the data for training Skynet. Fuck G**gle.


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