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In this weather? Makes you proud to be British.

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hardy souls


It is not known whether the couple were at the stage where they had been able to complete their moment of loving bliss,


Tavistock Police have been contacted for clarification. We await their reply.


[Not at all thinking about best thread title for 2021 ....]


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2 hours ago, dgul said:

2am, on a moor, in the middle of winter.

Breaking social distancing guidelines?

The moor's now on fire. I can see it.


Towards Okehampton though where the soldiers are all in a camp locked down together.

Is it like rubbing sticks together?

OT: What were the cops doing patrolling dartmoor at 2am?

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6 hours ago, BWW said:

OT: What were the cops doing patrolling dartmoor at 2am?

Probably a standard helicopter patrol with infrared cameras with super zoon lens. When people are spotted then they shine a big spot light on you, and bellow with the loudspeaker - "POLICE, STOP".

The helicopter was tasked in by the GCHQ notification that they can see two separate household mobile phone GPS signals were meeting in a remote area during curfew time. Satellites in orbit would confirm the observation. 

Also their smart boxes in their electric cars would have reported unusual activity outside of commuting routes.

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