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Fatfish (FFG)


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So I picked up a bunch of FFG last month as one of my speculative plays; they have a long of fingers in pies and one pie is a bitcoin miner.  It was my way of playing the BTC market in a way I was comfortable with.

Turns out...


Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 11.07.28 am.png

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And this, dear children, is why you take profits on the way up:

Bought 1k's worth originally at below 4c a share, sold on the way up to get 1.5kAUD back, and still have 13000 shares left (500 bucks at original price).  Worth 1800 at todays value.

The small investor forums in Oz are full of people complaining about a pump and dump, whilst others are still filling boots saying it will be over a dollar share by end of year.

Either way, I don't care now.  I can leave that 500 bucks of investment in there until doomsday if needed, and still am 500bucks up if it falls to zero.  As one of their investments is a 50% share in a bitcoin miner I doubt it will go to zero.

A lesson learnt today - If I had seen the boom and held everything, I'd be in a much worse position for longer term holding.

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 1.12.41 pm.png

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