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Bluebeard's Beard

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Black Sails S1



When John enquires as to whom they are referring, they tell him it is "Blackbeard". When they arrive to the room at the bar, one of the men advises him to not show fear; they push him inside and in front of a clothed figure surrounded by several women.

John then notices Blackbeard's face and see's that it is a woman, and not the famous Blackbeard himself. When he discovers, and points out that she is not Blackbeard, she stands up and drops her clothes, showing John why she earned her name.

Silver's crew laughs as they close the door and leave him with "Blackbeard" and the other women.


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I've certainly heard of them a few times.  I wouldn't say that they are massively famous but they are part of the maritime folklore down here and anyone with a passing interest would be able to name them.

I think a statue would be fitting as they were genuine and notable pirates so any schoolgirls who want an exciting rather than a worthy role model: there you go. Real rather than comic book heroines for you.


Though that is absolutely the first time I have heard it suggested that they were lesbian lovers which seems to be purely the assertion a certain Professor Kate Williams who has always come across as lightweight when I saw her on Time Team; there by virtue of her looks.



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3 hours ago, spunko said:

They can't have "broken that many boundaries" as I've never heard of them. Looks to me like this is blatant misuse of lavishing public money on their mates in the Alphabet Mafia.

They are well known but I didn’t realise they were on the same boat I think there’s a 3rd famous one

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23 hours ago, The Masked Tulip said:

IIfracombe still has that ugly pregnant woman statue on the harbour.

That's a modern art interpretation by reknowned local artiste Damien Hirst doncha know :Sick1: 

You get a decent view of the area from Raparee Cove on the opposide side of the harbour, look for the park bench with the memorial plaque the the sailing ship "London", lost in 1796 with it's cargo of black prisoners/slaves when en-route down the Bristol Channel destination St Lucia in the West Indies.

I was in the area and giving somebody directions to the viewpoint, then realised telling an Afro-carribean tourist to look for the bench dedicated to dead slaves might not be a good idea. I'm surprised the council haven't removed it to whitewash the incident from history.

Newbiggin by the sea (in Northumberland) have done something similar, what was a lovely piece of coastline now has a couple of sculptures way out in the bay that stick out like a sore thumb. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=newbiggin+sea+sculpture&ia=images&iax=images 

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