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Lock up your daughters

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Just a useful reminder that the "good Arabs" rulers in UAE/Bahrain/Qatar etc are still nasty backward vicious men who hold views towards women, homosexuals and other races that belong back in the 6th century. Just because they're panicking about the oil running out and trying to diversify the economy doesn't mean their views have actually changed.

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mmmm lovely princess Leia.  When I first saw her I looked a bit like young Anakin.  My Han Solo looks are a long way behind me now and I'm starting to resemble Grand Moff Tarkin.  There is a lot to be said for film preserving her image for years to come. 


That is a particularly spank-worthy still.

Anyway, back to current matters..... there is something a bit culturally iffy about the whole Beeb story.  Methinks there are a lot of people thinking "Good Dad".

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