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A few of us posted a couple of times in the Not Coping Well With This Shit thread about the Cold War. Rather than derail the thread any further, I thought it would be worth having a thread for al

When I was a kid, me and a mate used to doss about in the grounds of the local council building at weekends... we got a bit bolder each time we trespassed! And eventually decided to try and break into

@MrLibertyRedux Your Dad sounds brilliant 

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33 minutes ago, Bear Hug said:

In Soviet Union we had State Defence lessons at school where they covered radiation, we learnt to use some sort of radiation counter tubes, and had timed exercises of putting gas masks on. 

отличный товарищ

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My uncle worked for the MOD. He had a grey speaker thing installed under the stairs. I think it would relay government messages and the 4 minute warning. I think he had a hand cranked siren he was supposed to use if the warning came. As kids we would press the test button and listen to the test beeps which showed the circuit was alive. Happy days eh?

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25 minutes ago, Chewing Grass said:

I think a lot of big factories had their own civil defence units in the 1950s, I have an old company magazine somewhere that goes on about it and their in-house rifle range.

some places still have a rifle range, thought it was so they could attract the ex public school boys

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I never really worried much about the Cold War even though I lived through most of it. As often happens when big power blocks have a long running standoff it was a relatively stable set up where most of the conflict was carried out via proxy wars in far away places. The risks only escalated when the superpowers like the USSR in Cuba or the US in Vietnam decided to intervene first hand. Communism was shit for most Soviet and Warsaw Pact citizens who lived in pretty austere conditions but ironically had lots of benefits for western workers since it kept the capitalists moderately honest since they were worried the Soviets were coming to take all their money away.  The situation reversed when the Iron Curtain came down as the western working class lost that external threat. I consider the world a much more dangerous place now than when Brezhnev ran the Soviet Union.

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3 hours ago, Bear Hug said:

In Soviet Union we had State Defence lessons at school where they covered radiation, we learnt to use some sort of radiation counter tubes, and had timed exercises of putting gas masks on. 

Does this mean you weren't the bad guys? Damn Hollywood!

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