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18 year old Spanish girl gives speech in Spain, says something about Jews and now they're trying to get her done with shit, hate speech blah blah...

Anyway, here she is in excerpts from a newspaper article interviewing her, then THE clip from that speech she gave :


3 min 33 sec long.


and here's Twitter :

https://mobile.twitter.com/search?q=isabel m peralta&src=typed_query

Full speech here :

(Please hold....)


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Can't find the full speech, it's out there but seemingly impossible to find, using such duck go anyway...

Found a load of stuff, still not the entire speech. Here's more of it,with no subtitles though :


Hmmm, nothing on gab or Bitchute somehow, like nothing at all... 

There were a few promising sounding YouTube videos, one I clicked produced the screenshot attached!

Except from the article linked to below :

"The Hate Crimes Section of the Madrid Prosecutor's Office has opened proceedings to investigate what happened. The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE) has asked the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the hate crimes, the "serious accusations" and insults that were poured on Saturday in a tribute to the Blue Division in Madrid against the Jews."

 from :


in English that's :


This is Isabel Peralta: the young fascist daughter of a former PP leader
The young Falangist has caused great controversy after her anti-Semitic speech in an act of tribute to the fallen of the Blue Division

Isabel Medina Peralta, the young fascist daughter of a former PP leader
Isabel Medina Peralta , 18, has caused great controversy after giving a fascist and racist speech in an act of tribute to the fallen of the Blue Division , the Spaniards who fought under Adolf Hitler during World War II, with occasion of the 78th anniversary of the Battle of Krasni Bor, where 2,000 Spanish soldiers died.

In it, the young Falangist said, among other things: "The enemy, who will always be the same, although with different masks: the Jew . Because nothing is more certain than this statement. The Jew is the culprit . The Jew is the guilty and the Blue Division fought for it. "

The video of his controversial anti-Semitic speech has gone viral and immediately there were many who wondered: Who is Isabel Peralta?

The young woman is only 18 years old, she has been studying History at the Complutense University of Madrid since 2019, according to her LinkedIn profile , which she has eliminated after the controversy and criticism she is receiving. However, he prefers not to say what he works on.

Isabel directs the recently resurrected National Feminine Section of the Falange . After a member of the Falange, he is also a member of a neo-Nazi group called Frontal Bastion. He is also part of the Falangist Spanish University Union (SEU) of the Complutense University of Madrid .

The video has gone viral for its controversial speech and its peculiar mouth movements
Peralta has become the new muse of the ultra-right in Spain after his speech to more than 300 people last weekend at the Almudena cemetery in Madrid wearing a navy blue Falange shirt.

His hateful words and his movements , somewhat peculiar, especially those of his mouth or jaw , quickly monopolized social networks.

The Hate Crimes Section of the Madrid Prosecutor's Office has opened proceedings to investigate what happened. The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE) has asked the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the hate crimes, the "serious accusations" and insults that were poured on Saturday in a tribute to the Blue Division in Madrid against the Jews.

" I fell in love with fascism at 13 years old"

Peralta denies the Holocaust and presumes that he does not believe in democracy: " I fell in love with fascism when I was 13 years old. I am going to give my life and fight for it to the last consequences," as he declared in an interview in 'El Mundo'.

Isabel Medina Peralta was previously engaged in posing with outfits on social networks
Before, she boasted of outfits on social media
However, a few years ago her interests were different, she was overturned in the posture of social networks where she boasted of outfits , such as the 'influencers'. The outfits and looks are still on sale today in '21 buttons',

"That before, when I was younger," she declared in the aforementioned medium, and later added: "I had a too empty life, I focused on being pretty, on putting on little skirts and on sales. They were just social networks, but that's it behind".

"I am a fascist but not a Nazi"
Isabel considers herself a "Falangist. Jonsista, to be exact . But I'm not one of the Falange youths", she declared in 'El Mundo', to later add that she is a "fascist" and believes "in a national and socialist regime . "

The young woman denies being a Nazi. "It seems like a ridiculous word to me. It became popular to discredit and distort these movements that only wanted a regime of greatness and spirituality. Nazi seems like an insult to me. It reminds me of the shaving of the movies, the hooligan. National Socialism is something deeper than shaving his head and put a tattoo on his neck. He is a person who believes in values that have governed civilization, who plays sports, listens to classical music, and has an austere, stoic life. I am not a Nazi. "

She is the daughter of an exedile of the PP
Isabel is the daughter of Juan Manuel Medina, a former leader of the PP from Seseña (Toledo) , who was active in far-right formations and became head of the list of Spain 2000 in 2004, according to 'El Español'

In 2011 he starred in a great controversy after 'Público' published that in 1996 it entered the lists of the Alliance for National Unity (AUN) , led by Ricardo Sáenz Ynestrillas. Later in 1999, he joined the Spanish Falange and in 2004 he was number one in the Congress of Deputies for Spain 2000. Then in 2005, he entered the PP and in 2007 he was elected councilor.

My father threw me out of the house. They don't speak to me "

The radicalism of the young woman in her ideology and political beliefs has led her to have a bad, even null relationship with her parents. "My parents do not speak to me , " he declared in 'El Mundo'.

He also confesses in another interview that his father threw him out of the house for his fascist ideology. " I live alone , my parents ... especially my father tried by all means it was not fascist, I threw the books , did not want under any circumstances to follow this ideology. So it threw me. It tolerates my ideology. I am fascist, but I have been a member of the Falange. I am not in the Falange Youth, because their line does not match my way of understanding militancy, "he said in 'La Razón'.

The young woman has pointed out that she considers herself "a National Socialist in ideology , but I define myself as a fascist because my reference in Spain is Ramiro Ledesma Ramos, founder of the JONS and of national fascism. I would never define myself as a Nazi. I consider myself a National Socialist and a fascist , but for me Nazi is a shaved man who appears in Hollywood movies and that's it. I don't consider a Nazi to be a National Socialist. "

Isabel Peralta, the head of the Women's Section of the Spanish Falange party, participates in a neo-Nazi march in homage to the fallen of the Blue Division (Efe).
He sees himself in jail for his ideology
Isabel has assumed that her ideology is going to bring her problems. "He is going to take me to jail," he assured in 'El Español'. "I will end up in jail because I am not going to shut up, nor am I going to apologize, nor am I going to disappear." If this happened, he is clear about what he would do: "I will write a book about my ideology: fascism . "

"To remain faithful to my ideas, which is the only thing that I have and that I keep with honor.", He indicated in the interview, and later added: "I will always remain faithful to my values, to the pillars that govern me morally. and I will never disappoint my thinking. Without my ideas, I would be nobody. If they lead me to jail, providence will have wanted it . "

Among his references, he assures that there are "Nietzsche, Wagner and Heraclitus, who said that fire is the principle of matter. I said that in my speech, fire is what gives life to all things. And life sustains itself thanks to the opposition of two forces, so the war has to be taken as a violent and repudiable episode but necessary for the maintenance of things ".

Isabel Medina Peralta, on social networks.
Racist and homophobic comments
After the video went viral , many people inquired on Isabel Peralta's social networks. In the information on his Twitter profile, he has written these words: "Stand back , coward, that your steps do not desecrate the Pantheon of History, destined for heroes and not for cowardly stupid! Up Spain, Evropa ".

His profile is full of racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic comments , which has caused a lot of tension. Users criticize that this type of message is allowed just when Justice has just imprisoned rapper Pablo Hasél for his comments and songs for extolling terrorism and insulting the Crown.

For example, in a demonstration against immigration, he accused the menas (Unaccompanied Foreign Minors) of "carrying diseases", described them as "foreign slop" who are dedicated "to rape, threaten, rob , rob and disturb the peace of a people "and of those who added that" they bring nothing but misfortune. "

"I am a racist, of course"

She herself has declared herself racist . "Of course, but the word racism has been manipulated. I do not hate races, I love them, I believe in them. I am not in favor of miscegenation, of the liquidation of the identity of peoples and nations. I do not tolerate it. But I have I highly esteem comrades who are black, Venezuelans , from many parts of the world. I do not believe in a superior race, but I believe that anti-racism destroys races because it incites us to lose identity, mixing. I believe in the natural order and the perfect placement of things . " For this reason, she assures that she would never have a black boyfriend .

There are also chubby slogans. " Mussolini strove to teach women the values of sport . " He also assures that he fights against feminism because "it distorts women, manipulates them and makes them believe that their enemy is men and not the system."

"I'm surprised they call me homophobic"

Also in his profile is his hatred of homosexuals , calling some of them perverts and their sexual orientation as "degeneration taken to the extreme." He denies that he is homophobic, only criticizes "pedophilia."

However, he points out in this regard: "I am surprised that they call me homophobic . Homosexuality is not the problem, the problem is to make a fashion of it to liquidate the nation. Homosexuality is a tendency professed by people whom I have in great esteem For example, Alexander the Great. Lorca was homosexual and he was a great artist, but he didn't go out into the street dressed as an asshole . "


Anyway here she is :






Edited by Carl Fimble
Adding the YouTube screenshot
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11 minutes ago, Panther said:

All she has to do is close her hand and it becomes approved, very approved.

And replacing Jews with Whites gives you this which would get a round of applause on Question Time:

"The enemy, who will always be the same, although with different masks: the White . Because nothing is more certain than this statement. The White is the culprit . The White is the guilty and the Blue Division fought for it. "

And then we have Diane Abbott:




“We need unity between black, Asian, minority ethnic and Muslim people – we need the maximum public show of unity. Because time after time in the past 32 years I’ve seen efforts of people to organise disrupted by white people playing the ‘divide and rule’ card, and this time we can’t allow that to happen.”




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So, let me see if I've got this right:

If you celebrate the glorious variety of the different races of humanity; and respect the rights of consenting adults to do what they feel is loving in the privacy of their own bedrooms...

...you're obviously a wrong-un who needs to be disposed of violently. 

Obviously, some of the things she's said are unforgivable, and most likely illegal in some countries - for example, publicly expressing a liking for Wagner's music.

This is why no-platforming is counter-productive. I'd like to be able to understand the process which has shaped her thinking so far, and see to what extent as an intelligent and articulate 18 year old, she is still open to new ideas and alternative interpretations of her experience. 

But, by labelling such a pretty little thing as a monstrous subhuman throwback from the 1940s, the real spiritual successors of the nazis remove the opportunity to rationally evaluate both her opinion and theirs.

Perhaps someone could arrange a wrestling match between her and Greta?

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12 minutes ago, Covid19 and life to go said:

Can we swap Greta for foxy knoxy?  I know it has nothing to do with the topic in terms of the political stance but it'd be easier on the eye.

She's now 33 and IMHO, way past her pulchritudinous prime!

At least, by pitting two 18 year olds of the same gender against eachother, you're not giving one side an unfair advantage over the other. 

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