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Get Any Paid Investment/Macro Newsletters? Worth Sharing?


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I'm interested to hear what newsletters people have signed up for - or if I'm the only mug who's paid for these things.

I'm getting TG MACRO daily which is good, if a little US/ETF centric. Current themes are Oil, Metals, Cannabis, US Homebuilders.

For metals and mining I'm getting Exploration Insights, IKN Weekly, Samson Li which are all great for obscure mining picks.

Interested to hear if anyone has David Hunters output. Seems you have to DM him on Twitter to request it. Not even sure he has a website!

P.S. As these newsletters can be expensive I find Dropbox is a great place to keep them backed up safely :P

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 14.48.17.png

Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 14.49.49.png

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16 hours ago, Metalheadz said:

Interested to hear if anyone has David Hunters output

if you're a macro strategist making micro calls every effing week you may as well compare it to a stopped clock.....cos even that is right twice a day :)

to be fair it's a tough gig trying to be both micro and macro ie I bought a Silver ETF a few years, got bored with it last year but now I'm back in cos Silver is on the radar of all the 'get rich quick millennials' methinks so I'm going for a 'momentum trade' this time :Jumping:

OIL is an interesting one, the BULL has been the last 10 months when WTI went from 7 USD to 62 USD......it might be looking 'tired' up here???

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to counter what the millennials are doing lol, someone told me years ago 'follow the big boys'......I wonder what they were discussing around the dinner table last night.....pic courtesy of twatter O.o



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