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Is it wrong to create a pinned list ?

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I'm wondering if it would be OK to request a pinned list of incidents as they occur, for point of reference, if that's not too macbre. It would be useful to keep track of them and see the most common theme.

No chatter, just the so-called facts as we know them after each one. 

Something like 

• 25th August 17

• Buckingham Palace, London.

• 2 police stabbed. No fatalities

• witness claims Alan Snackbar hollered, car veering. 

• 1 perpetrator of 'insert nationality here' 

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1 minute ago, MrPin said:

Why? Are you worried?

Well seeing as you asked Mr Pin, yes I'm very worried. In fact, if I stop and think about it for too long I'm shit scared. I forsee Isis coming down my quiet semi rural road driving Shoguns with flags waving, my boys being conscripted to the Army or beheaded by the enemy, having to dress head to toe in black and never being able to drive the Merc again. Having said that my powers of prediction were proved incorrect on the 23rd June so what would I know. Why would I even begin to think of such ludicrous scenarios. 

On topic, my memory is struggling and sometimes someone mentions a previous incident and I can't quite remember which one it was. Perhaps that's because they're becoming more frequent. I can keep my own list on a peace of paper (see what I did there)  but a big part of why we ended up here was to discuss these events.

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