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The 21st Century Solution to Rugby Union


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I'm just copying this here so I can bookmark it.

Also, talking about Rugby Union. The game as played by most Northern Hemisphere sides most of the time has become far too much ping pong and meat grind. The very simple and elegant solution is to widen the pitch from 70 metres to 80 metres. This makes kicking less attractive because the length of kick is harder to achieve with wider pitches as well as making running rugby more tactically advantageous. The extra ten metres of width could be added to all international Rugby stadia without much hassle I would think and it would make the game much better viewing.

I would keep the pitches at 70 metres for level 5 and below. 75 metres for levels 3 and 4 and have the professionals in the Premiership and Championship playing the full 80 metres.

Hell, if it didn't work I would widen the International pitches to 85 metres. Chop 15 metres off the length for all I care. Lengthwise, the middle of the pitch is redundant and only adds to the incentive to kick. Aim to make it about 25% more like basketball, a very flawed but also very popular "sport" with great flow.

This would also help with the muscular arms race and its implications for later life head injuries. With incredibly wide pitches and 80% running Rugby there is little chance of your pack resembling Olympic Powerlifters as is the norm now. These athletes would have to shed 3 to 4 stone so that they resembled 1970s forwards - strong men but ordinarily strong rather than freaks. That and the extra width will mean fewer concussive collisions and hopefully fewer brain injuries.

There. I have just solved Rugby Union for the 21st Century. Mark this post as when these changes inevitably do occur you will be able to tell people that you heard it here first, on Dosbods.

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Adding 5 meters to the width on each side would be fine for most western grounds, but in the east where land is so expensive in cities, I am not sure it would be possible.  The HK sevens stadium in happy valley, for example, is so tight that I think if you added 5 m each side the players would run into the crowd...

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