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Internet goes down - my world has ended



OK so periodically the internet goes down. Usually we get 6-12 months problem free and then the service is bad for a day or two. This leads to the usual power down (turn it off and on again) of the router, and that might fix it (50% chance).

The next step I usually do, is to take the cables out of the filter that splits the cable into the phone and internet and give it a good blow. This fixes it 100%, so it must be dust that is getting in there.

I am thinking whether or not to put the filter box inside a metal box (like a small biscuit tin) to stop dust getting in there - is this safe to do? I don't think there is heat generated from the filter box?

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7 minutes ago, DTMark said:

ADSL microfilters fail readily and are cheap to replace. You could put it inside a freezer bag or box if you like. It won't do it any harm.

Great - this time I forgot to do the filter blow trick as we've had such a long run trouble free.

So I rung up the help desk, and they could not resolve the problem, and passed the problem to BT to check the phone line. They say that the internet dropped connection 30x over 48 hours. They kept asking if the there was a problem with the phone, and there wasn't, which led me to think it was the ADSL filter.

They did not ask me to check the filter which was bizarre as part of the diagnostic process - I bet a lot of people have the same problem.


EDIT - the filter box is on the ground, and can't be raised as the cable is too short. This is also part of the problem, probably.

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3 minutes ago, 201p said:

..passed the problem to BT to check the phone line. 

..They kept asking if the there was a problem with the phone


That sounds about right for BT.

The microfilters are cheaply manufactured tat which fails.

It's worth keeping a spare to see if it might be the problem.

You don't actually have to use one. If memory serves and it may not: when trying to diagnose an internet issue you can disconnect the phone and just plug the modem straight into the phone socket.

All it does is subtract the ADSL frequencies, which most people can't hear, from the voice signal.

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You can depending on the master socket, take off the face plate and plug the internet cable straight into the internal socket (and plug the microfilter in here too, it just removes an extra layer). If you unscrew / remove the faceplate you'll see what I mean.

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