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Louise Mensch...


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11 minutes ago, blobloblob said:

Hmm. A story that refers to "Hostkey, the Russian hackers of the American election" as if it were a proven fact.

Who is Patribotics?
1 Answer

Patribotics is not a who, its a what.

It is the name of a blog that was launched by Louise Mensch.

Great job, quote yourself as a source! xD

Source :- https://www.XswampyX.co.uk

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41 minutes ago, Bkkandrew said:

To be fair, she is not alone. There a lot of wild nonsense in the Graun today. Example:



The usual entitlement bullshit. I found something interesting last week in the comments to that Graun article calling for Nelson's Column to be toppled. It was claimed that if Nelson hadn't prevailed at Trafalgar it would have been unlikely that Wilberforce would have been able to end the African slave trade with one full third of the Royal Navy employed in blockading the West African coast against the slave ships.

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