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Roadside change of rear brake drum

Bear Hug


Bear Hug

Rear wheel bearing went on my 11y old clio. Sounds like an aeroplane at speed. I have lifted individual corners, shook and spun the wheels, and one of them definitely sounds crunchy. 

Had to take handbrake off to check the rears,  so I pushed the front against the kerb to stop car from rolling forward. 

Bearing change job requires a mechanic, as a lot of force is required to press it out. 

Options are: 

1. Respectable local garage £200

2.clickmechanic, got quoted £100

3. Buy 2 rear drums with abs (rings?) and bearings already installed (Ridex) , and change them myself £40, more for other msnufacturers

3 has advantage of getting new drums. However, how risky is it to do that on the jack that car came with, even if I do push the front wheel against the kerb? I assume I'll need to exert more force on the car while unscrewing the drums compared to just spinning the wheels. 

Also, assuming it's the correct part, is there a risk that new unworn drum wouldn't fit as easily on the old pads? 

And, I don't have a torque wrench, so it will all be a bit approximate. Any risk there? 

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Bear Hug
Posted (edited)

Please ignore this: I've gone with clickmechanic.com.  


- Can't be bothered buying and storing more stuff, as I probably would need axle stands and torque wrench

- Not keen on doing all this on the roadside, particularly if turns out something else is needed half way through

- Drums last for ages (200k miles according to google) , so changing to new ones will be a bit of a waste

- I'd probably be tempted to change pads as well, and the job will take even more time

- £100 is tiny compared to lease costs I used to pay monthly on some other cars I had


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For future reference Lidl regularly have pairs of folding axle stands for about 15 quid, or Toolstation do these 3 ton bad boys for £22:


Lidl also do torque wrenches for about 15-20 quid on the regular. I have one and as far as I know it works fine. None of my wheel nuts or bolts have ever come loose!

Closest job I've done to this is probably changing the outer CV boot on a Megane which involved undoing the hub nut. I slightly bent my 2' breaker bar by standing on it and bouncing up and down to get it undone and the car didn't feel like it was anywhere close to coming off the stands.

As a general belt and braces precaution, I always shove the wheel under the sill whenever I'm doing a job that involves removing it. Then if the car does come off the jack or axle stand there's something to catch it.

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