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A celebration of 1970s music

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3 hours ago, Bobthebuilder said:

I have forgotten what a great record "Christ The Album" was. I know this is the wrong thread for this but gonna stick it up for all the shit The XYY man has been through of late.





Same old stuff, you've heard it all before
Crass being crass about the system, or is it war?
We ain't got no humour, we don?t know how to laugh
Well, if you don't fucking like it -- fucking tough!
Cos I'm the same old monkey in the same old zoo
With the same old message trying to get through
Screaming from the platform when the train ain't even there
I've got a one way ticket, but i don?t fucking care
If what I've got to say is always much the same
It's cos the game the system plays is still the same old game
Senile idiots in their seats of power
Ancient rotting corpses breathing horror by the hour
They're lovers of death those fucking creeps
Screwing our earth as our earth weeps
Iron ladies and steel men
Waiting for their fucking war to start again
Blood lusting nutters plan death for us all
They'll all be hiding in their bunkers as we watch the missiles fall
Ain't they just so decent, respectable and nice
Eating the fat of the land while it?s us that pay the price
Westminster's full of psychopaths with blood clots istead of brains
Flesh hungry vultures picking our remains
Shitting on the world they've shat on many times before
Fucked it good and proper, in the name of the law
Well bollocks to the lot of you and you can fuck off too
If your bored with what I say, no-one's asking you
Just fuck off and have your fun
Hoist your jolly roger and wave your plastic gun
With your painted faces and your elegant style
How about trying to think for a while?
As you decorate your lifestyle with cheap consumer bliss
Forget about loving, it's your arse you're going to kiss
As long as they've got you under their thumb
With TV lobotomy and media fun
They'll have their way with you, what more can I say?
Watch out for the mind police and have a nice day

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Just heard this song in it's entirety for the first time (not just the chorus !!)


The person it's dedicated to and the events surrounding him defy belief and are well worth a read.

e.g. "By February 1, the food on Pollard's boat was again exhausted and the survivors' situation became dire. The men drew lots to determine who would be sacrificed for the survival of the remainder. A young man named Owen Coffin, Captain Pollard's 17-year-old first cousin, whom he had sworn to protect, drew the black spot. Pollard allegedly offered to protect his cousin, but Coffin is said to have replied: "No, I like my lot as well as any other". Lots were drawn again to determine who would be Coffin's executioner. His young friend, Charles Ramsdell, drew the black spot. Ramsdell shot Coffin; Ramsdell, Pollard, and Barzillai Ray consumed the body."




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