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Do you do deals with yourself?


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On the days when you just don't feel like doing anything, do you do deals with yourself?

Today felt like a 0/10 day for my motivation levels.  I had an interval session to do on the turbo and I had to do several deals with myself to get started.

First deal to get me on the bike - I promised myself that I would just start the warmup and if I decided to then just do a MAF session instead, that was fine as long because at least I would have done something.  

Second deal during the warmup - I promised myself that I could just do the first interval, see how it went and then make a decision after that.

Of course the moment I was doing the first interval I was fine.  I had the tunes on max volume, the endorphins kicked in, washed away the low motivation and there was nowhere I'd rather be and I did the whole session and had a jolly splendid time.  

That's nearly always the case, hence why I've learned to do the deals to get me over that initial reluctance and into the place where I remember why it is that I do it.

Anyone else?

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