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Revenge of the computer nerds aka NFT art


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who's laughing now? Actually I don't get it......I can copy anything digital, maybe not a crypto key but give me enough monkeys with enough puters and we'll get there eventually o.O



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It is bonkers - but COIN which is probably the only stock on the planet has exposure to NFTs.

I am actually in profit after 3 years!



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reformed nice guy

I think that NFTs is money laundering cloaked by stupidity.

Those laundering will get an exit while useful idiots think they are buying something of value.

I get the whole "value is what someone will pay" angle, but I dont agree with the scarcity angle. The image/video is freely available so there is no kudos from having the original. You could say its the same for artwork but having the original allows snobs to scoff at plebs with prints.

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NFTs are just are just veblen goods where the utility value is taken right down to zero, youre paying for something purely to demonstrate that you can pay for it without any pretence of buying an actual thing. 

 Its not a new concept though, the principal applier to vanity items in games like fortnite.

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