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Don't even think about sticking that up your nose.


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Before considering using a COVID-19 swab to access work or education, be aware that these tests have been sterilised in Ethylene Oxide.

Evidence in humans indicates that long-term exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of cancer of the white blood cells, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, and lymphocytic leukemia. Studies also show that long-term exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of breast cancer in females.

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Carl Fimble

I'm never going to do a test, a customer of mine mentioned when I arrived to do some work that they had some tests, and that they'd got other people working there to do tests. I had to nip out, so phoned my wife for advice, she said I should be polite, but say I'd prefer not to take one, which was better than my idea, which was refuse and say I wasn't prepared to do work for someone who wanted me to do a test. Luckily they never asked, I was prepared to walk away though. 

That was before I'd heard about this chemical too.

Here are some videos on Ethylene Oxide :





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The key words there are long term exposure. Sticking a swab up your nose once a week with less than the NOAEL of EtO isn't exactly a death sentence...

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The Masked Tulip

So, um, they are giving people something which kills our white blood cells... our white blood cells being what fights infections such as viruses. No coincidences?

I saw a video headline on bitchute or rumble this morning that said that this chemical was also on some of the sterilising swabs being used before the jab. I didn't watch the video.

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