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A new football superstar

Stunley Andwin

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There is a new football megastar achieving fame in Germany. Despite being just 12 years old, Yousouffa Moukoko has now scored an incredible 14 goals in 5 game, depsite playing against people up to 5 years older than himself in the U-17s league. This article reports the facts making no mention of one seemingly important issue.


This article at least mentions the age issue


Competitive women's sports are going to be rendered completely pointless by allowing transgenders to compete, is age-graded sports going to go the same way?

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By the time he is officially 21 he will be starting to lose any pace that he has, as he will be most likely be in his thirties unofficially.

African countries have done very well in international youth competitions for the past 20 years or so.

What is strange is that they can't do it at senior level probably because most of their players are approaching their thirties when they play in the World Cup.

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He looks to be somewhere between 22 and 25 to me. Arguably he looks older than the 29 year old Yeboah did when signing for Leeds united.

What would be interesting is if it would be discovered that he was over 17 and hence the results of the games already played were void, would mighty Dortmund accept that?

Additionally, if he is scoring 3 goals a game at U17 level, he is surely already ready for the professional game. How would the world react to seeing a """12 year old""" playing in the Champions League.

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