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What a load of twaddle


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I'll put this here as it seems appropriate.

I was on a Zuckerbook left leaning page yesterday and read a post about the need for just six Tory rebels to bring down Brexit blah blah. 

The post was started by a young women whose page is littered with EU propaganda, the normal shite.

I asked her, what is your favourite thing about the EU ?

She was slightly unprepared, as is normally the case. However, she replied with something along the lines of the EU keeping countries inline and protecting rights.

I asked if countries should have the right to protect demographics, such as Poland ?

The response left me slightly shocked.

I was expecting the standard "Poles don't know what's good for them, diversity is our strength" etc etc.

However, the group then proceeded to educate me that Poles are in fact pro-Islam and all onboard with vibrant enrichment.

Some of the posters were actually Poles.

I submitted Pew research data and referenced several recent demonstrations against refugees and Islam.

This was dismissed as right wing propaganda. Screen shots were used from the demos and translated for me.

Apparently the banners were communist pro worker not anti migration.

The scary thing is, they actually believe it.



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