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htws helios towers


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So yesterday I started reviewing my whole portfolio and was.looking through all telecom uk shares. Want to diversify a bit.

Htws was one of only two extra I would consider but also half inclined to reject on basis of debt vs assets.

Using iweb which I like because it's simple I see

property.plant 704

Financial 88

Recvables 177

Inventories 9

Ttl 975

Intangibles 23 only .. good

But they show total 1430

Question what is other430 and is there a better site to look at this.

Borrowings shows as 1095 but again total 1300

What is 300?

My (naive .. unsure) reckon ing is then 120 unsecured debt vs 56 operating profit in second yr vs 5 loss last yr. So likely will have net physical assets pox within a year or two.

IMO business sector had a future whst very happens and in part world likely to grow ++

Nb I am an amateur. Any pro.s want to comment?

Excellent post on them and towers in general here ...


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