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Definitely "Not A Cult"

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An absolute masterpiece, is it not?

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As a cult it has missed a trick. Indoctrinating the young.

Nazis, Jihadis, Religios loons, and End of the World Global Crisis cults all do this.

As far as I notice the "yoof" don't give a toss.

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3 hours ago, Upsettah said:

An absolute masterpiece, is it not?

It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy

It has evolved a little to include beta male orbiters these days as well 

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I knew a Christian organisation which published a gospel tract which basically said, "We are not a cult!" The people I knew in the organisation were nice enough as individuals. But, about a decade after the founder died, the group disbanded because they realised that perhaps their detractors had a valid point, after all.

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Syd Germs

Forcibly take away peoples' basic freedoms.

Give a little back on condition of having something injected into you.

People rejoice at the the very thought.


Truly, the world is full of compliant morons.

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