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Identify song for me

man o' the year

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man o' the year

I had not realised how difficult it was to describe a song but at the risk of embarrassment I will give it a go in the hope that someone can identify.

The track in question sounds pretty gay to my ears and is very repetitve. This is two reasons it is not really my thing but nevertheless. I remember it as having rain in it recorded and in the lyrics I think. I thought it was by somone called Ian ....?  but searches have turned up nothing. It is not really contemporary - I would estiimate somewhere about 2000. It was drums and synth with echoey singing by the guy a bit like a softer gay version of prodigy meets the verve.

Vague I know but I cannot identify anywhere else. Hopefully it may click with someone here.

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Frank Hovis


1989 so much earlier than the guessed date but it is repetitive, has the sound of rain, and is about (in a sense) water.


I thought of it after listening to Plainsong off the same album yesterday which I've always liked.  However I made the mistake of watching the video for the first time and it was like an advert for Dignitas - funeral of a friend followed by suicide in the arms of another after slashing her wrists.  I know Smitty is a bit of a gloomster but that was terrible.  I won't embed it or ever watch it again.

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man o' the year

Sorry - I had not realised that I had replies. However unfortunately none of them are the one I am after.

Interesting that I was convinced that it was an Ian Brown track - I remember the voice of the guy being very simialr to him but I have searched through Ian Brown's stuff and cannot see it anywhwere in his catalogue.

Sorry but the other suggestions aren't even close.

I must have a copy of it somehwere but  can't find it.

Hopefully it will turn up soon. Just invested in some new kit which is amazing and I thought the track in question would be worth a fresh listen.

Thanks for suggestion anyway.

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