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Come on lets not be touchy feely

Chewing Grass

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Really pisses me off when they present stuff this way.

Lets present it as a robotic stretcher for injured squaddies thats nice.


Later in the article its really, 'a remote controlled machine-gun'.

And a bit later its:-

“Ironclad – while being a product in its own right – is also a step towards the battlefield of the future where we (BAE Systems) expect fleets of unmanned air and ground vehicles to work together, sharing situational awareness and pursuing combat objectives. There will always be a human in the loop, but increasing use of autonomy and unmanned vehicles means they can focus on key decisions (like making a cup of tea) and have more options to avoid putting (our) people in dangerous situations.”


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3 minutes ago, Wahoo said:

It will promote the development of small air-burst atomic weapons.  All drones  will fall out of the sky.

And then repair themselves and come back stronger! 

When they're close enough to the target, that won't be feasible though? So depends how they're deployed I guess...

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If you want someone assassinated, you will simply buy an AssassinCoin with Bitcoins. Add your intended victims ID/DNA details to the Death List blockchain.

Free market Bounty Drones will hunt for your victim, either tiny mosquitdrones that sample people's blood, or viral IDbots that track people down through their  internet use, social media or financial transactions.

Once located,  a DeathDrone will visit them and deliver the fatal blow.

Then the Bounty and Deathdrone operators claim their BitCoin reward.



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