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Chewing Grass

Toast - Making it interesting

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1 minute ago, Chewing Grass said:

What do you do to make toast fabulous.

I particularly like griddling sliced tomatoes in a little olive oil with black pepper, pinch of salt, and a splash of vinegar. When soft smear over toast and viola, simple.

I've just bought a new dualit toaster. Brilliant toast and it has a cage thingy for making toasted sarnies, just likebatbthe caff.  

My favouite is bacon and avocado.

(isn't this a bit mumsnet?) 

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Just now, MrPin said:

Should we not be talking about roasting roadkill over a "camp" fire?

Can it not be done in a dualit toaster. It is very versatile. I've even got a little stand to put over the top of the slots so that I can warm croissants. (Keeping with the mumsnet theme)

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2 hours ago, THE MAJOR said:

Mature Cheddar cheese, onions and Branston pickle....food of the gods.

Indeed..  a guilty pleasure of mine also.  For some reason the "coastal cheddar" from the Sainsbury deli counter seems to go particularly well with Branston IMO. 

I keep both the pickle and the cheese in the fridge ready and waiting for when the mood takes me.  

Dammit,  I'm hungry now :D

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