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Charles Carter

Greatest Live Music Recordings

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So many good tracks on here.


On 9/8/2017 at 18:29, Charles Carter said:

Amazing live recording. Great days listening to this on my Sony Walkman.


Perfection.  I love the Velvets.  One of my schoolmates older brothers had some VHS vids of them playing live, they were mesmerising, there was Lou just totally in another world immersed in the music and seems to come out of a trance after doing some guitar noodling.


On 9/8/2017 at 20:21, Bedrag Justesen said:



Great choice, love that - Cash is having a ball there


On 9/9/2017 at 21:20, Bedrag Justesen said:


A true masterpiece.


On 9/28/2017 at 21:10, BigV said:

No one's going to like this. I think it's awesome. 


I used to really like them, 1st year at Uni when grunge hit big time, Babes in Toyland were part of the soundtrack (still got them on spotify playlists).  They were much better and nuttier/alternative than Hole who had bigger fame for less talent.


On 1/3/2018 at 01:19, DTMark said:

It is a bit like something from "Orange is the New Black".. the drumming is good..

How about some dance music..


Love Orbital - unfortunately missed them when they played Manc last month :( 

This is a fucking brilliant track.  When I was in a shared house after separating from my ex, there was another Oribital nut, I introduced him to the Butthole Surfers 'Satan' track which this is sampled from. He was amused.

This track just has so many things - hypnotic stabs of electronica that just png into your head (the bits at 5.15 above just make my brain electrify), waves of sound, deep bassy dancy tunes.  Pure class.  Could dance to that for hours (oh wait I have haha)


On 1/3/2018 at 17:00, BigV said:

Orbital did a great live set at Glastonbury once I recall.

How about any Underworld live set. Saw them at one of the Tribal Gathering events in the 90s. Heady days


Never got to see Underworld unfortunately.  One of my uni mates was well into them and I only really heard / got them around 1994 (dubnobasswithmyheadman territory).  They are fucking brilliant. Look at that crowd.  Imagine the sheer ectasy (literally) of the atmosphere of being there just going for it.

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Not with the Stooges but with the Sales brothers on bass and drums and Scott Thurston on keyboard. Great driving bass and keyboards.  

Never knew David Bowie played keyboard on the album (Lust for Life).



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Posted (edited)

I fucking love this! I like early Verve the most, but Urban Hymns is great too. 

Underrated voice 


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Posted (edited)

Love this too. My ideal bird.

No not the fat one in the audience


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