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HEX and PLS/Pulsechain airdrop

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Anyone into HEX here?

Anyway, the creator of HEX is shortly launching Pulsechain, which is a fork of Ethereum using Proof of Stake and should have near zero transaction fees.

I won’t go into the fine details here and it’s quite complicated but the simple part is that if you hold any ERC20s on ETH, they will get forked on Pulse as PRC20s. If you hold ETH itself then it will be copied as PLS tokens. All will have 0 value initially before price discovery takes place.

All this must be in a custodial wallet (so not e.g. on an exchange). Only thing to bear in mind is that if you don’t ‘use’ the PLS (even just moving it) within 30 days then you lose it.

Essentially, you don’t have to give a shit about HEX for any of this, you’re getting it as a free airdrop that could potentially become very valuable. 

The other thing of interest is that if you ‘sacrifice’ any crypto during the upcoming sacrifice phase, you get PLS at some huge multiplier, 10,000x or something like that.

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3 hours ago, Green Devil said:


Ah never mind, its just a clone of hex on eth for hex owners, not general erc20 tokens.

No, it's a fork of Ethereum, almost all ERC20s will get copied over. If you change to pulsechain network on e.g. metamask when it goes live (in the same way you would for e.g. Binance Smart Chain) then you'll have all the same coins you have on Ethereum as duplicated Pulsechain versions - PRC20s

HEX has almost nothing to do with it.

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