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Faulty Gas Meters (4 in 5 years)



I was hit with a £3.5k gas bill from Eon a few years back.  Contested it, went to the Ombudsman.  Finally managed to get Eon to arrange a test at my expense.  Test confirmed meter was faulty, reimbursed and meter replaced in Nov 2017.

Mar 2019 the display stopped working.  Meter replaced.

Oct 2020 the display stopped working again.  Meter replaced.

Today I've gone out to a get a reading and it's saying 10,000 kwh used, which is clearly wrong.  Contacted my provider and we're back to square one with them arranging a test.

That's 4 faulty meters in 5 years.  It has to be something else right specific to my house/gas system as meters have to be more reliable than this?  Provider isn't interested though other than taking the meter to be tested.

What do I do?  Get a gas engineer out to inspect the system?   Anywhere else I can complain?

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7 minutes ago, RWJ said:

What do I do?  Get a gas engineer out to inspect the system? 

That could be a good idea just to check everything in the house gas wise is working ok. Probably cost about £85 depending on where you live. Ask them to check for any gas leaks and the gas appliances burner pressures and Kilowatt ratings.

Those meter guys are usually only qualified to change and test the meter.

Just so you know your gas provider are responsible for the emergency gas valve, the regulator and the gas meter, you don't have to pay for that. You are responsible for anything else from the meter, pipes, appliances, etc and would have to pay for any repairs.


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8 hours ago, MrPin said:

EON again?:S

Octopus this time Mr P.  They've been decent about testing the meter but that's not my problem.  I need to know why these meters continue to fail.

Just had a gas inspection done and no leaks.  The engineer was dumbfounded at the number of meters I've been through and couldn't offer any reason for it.

Looks like it'll be another replacement meter and hope for the best.

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