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Setting up an internet/digital business



Anyone know some good information sources to help with this?...specifically I am thinking offering training via the internet, so would need to know the 'ins and outs' of the following:

1. Setting up initial site.

2. Connecting/interfacing with students [assume something like Microsoft Teams].

3. Payments.

4 General business stuff.

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Funnily enough I've just helped someone out with precisely this.

Use something like Wix to set up a site cheaply.

Use Skype to hold the lessons (it's free).

Use PayPal for payments and tell the students to tick the option "I'm paying a friend". You'll get away with it for a while.

Set up costs will be almost nil. The challenge is gaining leads.

Promote it via social media. Create a profile on each of the major sites. Link to your site. Seek out and answer students' questions in order to get noticed and to gain leads. This is your easiest and quickest way to gain students.

Get someone reputable to have a look at the site from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective and write you a document of things to do to make it rank higher.

One of the issues is that most searches turn up pages in the local language and so if you wanted to teach English to Italians you have to optimise for keywords like IELTS because "Learn English" won't feature so highly as "Imparare Inglese".

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I ain't coded for years but I always liked the look of this https://gohugo.io/ just grab a template and go!

For anything more complicated python probs, maybe django?

Don't get involved with that wordpress crap, it's a load of over-complicated shite if you ask me :P

Depends on your target audience but a lot of zoomers seem to like to talk shite on twitter.....

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