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One percent

Bomb at Barcelona cathedral

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Police have evacuated tourists from the area around Barcelona's Sagrada Familia church as part of an anti-terror operation.

The nearest tube station has been closed and locals and holidaymakers ordered away from cafe and bar terraces and told to take refuge inside premises.

Specialist bomb disposal experts have been sent to the area to check a van, police said, but have now confirmed it was a false alarm.  

Several roads have also been closed. The area has been cordoned off as police rush to investigate.

Could be nowt or summat. 

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2 minutes ago, wherebee said:

HAH!  another one of my SJW friends is having a mini break in Barcelona right now.  

drip, drip, drip...

Ah yes, but they are only doing this because they are oppressed and victimised by the imperialist west b:)

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