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We're from the bank and we're here to help you ...


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sancho panza
5 hours ago, spygirl said:

Small shops face £1.7bn debt mountain, says report


If youve a small, struggling business, borrowing more money will not help you.


From the article

'Independent High Street businesses now owe four times as much as they did a year ago, said Bill Grimsey, ex-boss of Wickes, Iceland and Focus DIY.

The warning comes in his latest report into the future of town centres and High Streets.

Unless the government steps in, the UK could face a "tsunami" of shop closures this autumn, he said.'



So basically,they're even more screweed than they were a year ago....Watching the slow unrelenting march to online shopping becoming an unrelenting speed march to online shopping has left them even more xposed.

One of the biggest things I've found with trading/investing is working out how to quit early before you're forced to quit late.

A lot of small LL's are laos in line as I presume rent arrears will be the number 1 debt.I've met some pretty smug shop LL's in my time.,thought their businesses were bullet proof.

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  • 2 months later...
5 minutes ago, HousePriceMania said:

This is genius...


In Despicable Me (2010) The Bank of Evil that Gru visits was formerly the  Lehman Brothers: MovieDetails


Bank of Evil | Despicable Me Wiki | Fandom


Pin by Emily Deese on Castle | Pillars, Evil, Candle sconces




Is it Goldnan Sachs?

Yes, I know they dont do consumer n small orgs.

Must be Lloyd's....

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