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Suing governments for catching a cold

Stunley Andwin

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Stunley Andwin

It seems that governments have assumed responsibility for people catching colds and have therefore taken power to an extent never before seen in history. See Mark Rutte:



Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has apologised for easing COVID-19 restrictions in late June, amid a surge in infections.

The Netherlands had sped up its de-escalation of restrictions last month, but have seen case numbers rise to their highest levels in 2021.

The Dutch government has since re-closed bars and clubs to combat the spike in new cases, driven by the Delta variant.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Rutte conceded that the decision to ease measures had been a "miscalculation".

"What we thought was possible turned out to be wrong in practice. We made a miscalculation, we are disappointed about it and we apologise," he said


Surely the logical consequence of this is that citizens can therefore sue the government any time that they catch an infectious illness, since they have been negligent in their duty of care, and they have voluntarily assumed responsibility for this.

Is there any legal liability here? Would this end the scamdemic instantly?

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Stunley Andwin

No one was interested on here but this approach appears to have been successful for a 4Chan user.


And this company is also working in a similar manner.


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