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Well someone has to...


House prices then....  

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Rather than spend another 15 years re-hashing the infinite number of combinations of this question, let's answer it once and for all with this definitive poll.

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Frank Hovis

Where's the poll gone?


Actually I voted up over ten years.  Purely because by then they will have had their crash and high inflation will devlaue the currency relative to assets so I can see them ebing up over ten year.


Still a rubbish invetsment though.

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Well, for what it's worth, I think we're broadly on an upwards cycle until the world population and the economic and social disparities that drive migration (of all types) hits a peak. Personally, I've moved at least partly for house prices twice (to Cambridge in the 1980s and Toronto in the 2000s) and both times I've watched the great tide of people and money follow me later resulting in insane house prices and overcrowding. I'm part of that great historical shift of course so I guess I can't complain but I'd still rather not see my children's generation have to move to some absolute crap hole because it's the last place on earth they can still afford to get shelter over their heads!

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Afraid I voted up. All I can see is every vested interest inflating, reinflating and even hyper-inflating if that what it takes to keep asset prices up.

The game was up when the Chinese tacitly joined forces with the West over this. There is therefore no economic voice of reason for asset values to wax and wain as should be the case.

All actors involved, Trump himself, given that his own wellbeing depends on asset values keeping up - he is a Real Estate guy after all - will keep plates spinning. 

I have started hedging my savings with some property investments myself, in the 'can't beat them; join them' mode.


edit: a silly spelling error

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