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Patents prove that COV19 is an engineered pandemic


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Thanks to whomever posted this video originally. I have only just got round to watching it, but it is explosively important, and I haven't seen much discussion of it in the main cov19 threads, so wondered if perhaps it deserves its own thread?

It is Dr David Martin giving his professional testimony to Reiner Fuellmich. 

Essentially, over 70 patents prove that this virus was engineered to behave in the way it behaves, and Fauci and Daszac are up to their eyeballs in it, together with the usual pharma suspects. 

Little things like filing patents for the vaccine before the pandemic had been officially announced etc. Shady as fuck. 

But like the US election stuff, despite a load of proof, will any of this ever be prosecuted, since the Department of Justice seem to be totally compromised...?



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