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Creating 3D wireframe diagram. Java Swing?



I know we have a lot of IT bods on here so I thought I'd look for some general advice/guidance.

I’m thinking of writing a small and hopefully simple computer programme that will display a 3-dimensional wireframe rectangle with a number of lines (with given co-ordinates) intersecting the rectangle. The user should have the ability to rotate the graphic by clicking and dragging the mouse.

It’s 15 years since I’ve done any programming and the only language I was reasonably proficient in was Java. From memory I should be able to achieve my objective using Java Swing components.

So is Java my best choice? Given the following criteria…


It is purely a visualisation tool for my own personal use. It doesn’t have to fancy.

It’s of trivial interest so I’m not keen on spending weeks learning a whole new language.

My Java skills are pretty rusty. I’m sure it would all come back to me but I could also end up spending several weeks reacquainting myself with Java.

I’m lazy so if there is cheap/free software for doing this I’ll take the cheapest/easiest/quickest route.


I know there are so many applications available these days and what I’m trying to do is not rocket science. I don’t want to use a sledge hammer to crack a nut.

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15 hours ago, lovelyboy said:

Thanks @onlyme, I've just looked at a quick youtube tutorial on OpenSCAD and it looks like exactly what I had in mind. Looks pretty intuitive as well.

Great, if you have a programming background it will feel more natural than somebody without who needs a UI driven beast.

I've used it for 3D printing models, it is stable and works well. I've used Fusion 360 and it has done some baffling things part way through modelling which such a program really should not so think you've got a solid chance of getting what you want out of it with least hassle. Open source  and liable to stay that way which is a really big plus as well. FreeCAD is another I need to have another look at again.

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