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Any Youtubers - subscriptions

Frank Hovis


Frank Hovis

I watch the majority of my vids on YT and have maybe half a dozen favoured channels.

I have never bothered to create a YT account because I don't need to do so and don't see any benefit for myself in so doing.

However... if in doing so I would give a material boost to the creator for each video that I watch I would do so.  Though not if it's 0.00001p of difference.

I know that YT has a fairly opaque and complex payment system but is anyone able to give me an approximate indication of the benefit that a producer receives from my watching one of their videos as a subscriber as opposed to simply watching them without a YT account?

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YouTube’s algorithm is weighted to favour promoting those with more subscribers. This is the main incentive behind imploring viewers to subscribe there’s no direct payment related to subscriber numbers.

According to my girlfriend who’s got a few thousand subscribers. 

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