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When the biggest bear folds...


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Presidential cycle - In on year, the SP500 is up a respectable 16%. Republican candidates are considered pro-business. The only bet was logically to be open minded to a bull market - Did Hugh still bet for a bear? We have had that already during the Democrat years with the 08 crisis.




Ignore "we are here"

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Hendry has made bets on German residential real estate and the break-up of the European Union.


I think there are much bigger fishes in the pond which has a vested interest in keeping the EU in some shape or form. Think Soros money - which probably has near limitless resources.

The Breakup of the EU won't happen with the pro EU forces lying down without a fight. The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent also applies.

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Play the video at 1.5 speed.

He is bullish -Today is more like 1995, than 1987 or 1929 14mins in.


However, I will remain slightly cautious as it is the 30 year anniversary to 1987, 12th October this year.

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