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Just had my mobility scooter dealer on the line


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Which packed up a few days ago (the scooter, not the dealer)

He said that the scooter looked as though it had been ridden over rough ground. I said so what? I am a cripple (actually I ain't but it does no harm to lay these things on) which is why I bought the bloody thing. Did he think that I was going to pick it up and carry it? The dealer said no because I am old and tetchy and he is hoping that I will extend the warranty. Actually I think I will give the job to my boy, who is smarter, faster and above all, cheaper.

But I did not tell the dealer that because I want the scooter returned in one piece.

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On 13/08/2021 at 16:27, nirvana said:

what's your top speed downhill?

I don't have a top speed. I aspire to nothing more than an agreeable crawl

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