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Dr Zelenko explains why we mustn't be allowed to talk about covid treatments.


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Dr Zelenko was apparently the doctor who alerted the Trump government that hydroxychloroquine & zinc was an effective early treatment for covid. The HCQ enables the zinc to penetrate cells and interferes with virus replication within cells, he claims. Sounds absurdly simple, but that's his claim and he's sticking to it. And he supposedly has an excellent track record of treating covid in his NY community.

Here's a recent telegram message from him:

"Covid-19 vaccines don’t work and are unsafe.  The inhibition of RNA dependent RNA polymerase by the zinc / zinc Ionophore approach will stop ALL the variants.  

This has always been the correct approach.  The stakeholders in this global crime have done everything to suppress this information.  

This is because it undermines the fear and isolation narrative and allows people to return to normal living without codependency on global sociopaths.

It also turns out that the inhibition of RNA dependent RNA polymerase stops all the strains of influenza virus.  

This means that a $10 a person treatment can destroy the entire flu shot and contact tracing business.  The stakeholders will lose 250 billion a year.  

This explains why the devolved pagans such as Bill Gates, etc oppose this lifesaving information.

 Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD"

One of the comments people make when you say "HCQ and Ivermectin have been suppressed, possibly because they're cheap" is: "But dexamethasone is cheap as chips for helping with covid, and that's totally accepted and there's been no attempt to suppress it, so I don't buy your 'HCQ and ivermectin have been suppressed, probably because of money' argument."  Dexamethazone is a late-stage treatment for people seriously ill with covid, so has no impact on early stage covid or flu treatments. So it is irrelevant to flu prophylaxis via the flu shot.


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