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The Small Manufacturer

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Love watching stuff being made and want to make a few prototypes myself - found 3D printing OK, but ultimately very limiting and plenty of pitfalls with the process and the materials that can be used.

Been following NYCNC for a while but this visit to another machine shop and details of their whole work process and thought behind it is great.



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20 hours ago, Carl Fimble said:

Nice, all very clean and well thought out processes.

Have you got milling machines?

Just a small and cheap desktop CNC engraver / plastic milling machine at the moment which I am setting to work. The big stuff is far more impressive but so is the space and infrastructure required to anything like make it work financially. 

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12 hours ago, Long time lurking said:

Tha`ts impressive to say the least 

Additive certainly quicker than the laser/powder format, however not totally convinced, the large commercial machine is expensive and to me the final print quality no better than some of the earlier plastic printers - maybe OK as functional parts but as finished item not so sure. Scale and magnification in some of the pics may not be doing it justice though, tricky to tell without seeing the physical part. I think a real game change would be a combination of 3D print mould making machine and plastic moulder combo. Traditionally these moulds needed to be ultra fine machining - costing £10k's a pop for durability and finishing, if you could compromise a it on finished surface quality, durability of the mould but be able to re-print a mould for say £1k in material/machine amortisation then that would be really interesting.

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